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i’m done

i’m so fucking done

i can’t 

everything abut this show is dead for me

until the show start again, it doesn’t exist anymore

when it’ll be over FOR GOOD, then it’d be like this show never existed and it was just Klaine and my friends. 

That’s it.

I’m officialy done.


reblog if your otp is hella gay

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What should astonish people about the manips of Chris and Darren - is how real they look. and then ask why they always look real? The reason is they look good together - they always fit - they are both two goofy, nerdy guys who belong together - so even if they didn’t pose together - it is always possible to fit them together - puzzle pieces!

this is one of the posts that I absolutely can’t not reblog every time it’s on my dash. It’s so beautiful and REAL. This is them. This is really Chris and Darren and goddamn it I would bet my life that they have at least one set like these photos that they took at some booth. It’s so beautiful, just so damn beautiful.

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best friends who slowly fall in love with each other is what otps are made of


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